Intern: Naomi Schultz

schultz2.fwNaomi Schulz will be a third year student at the Pacific School of Religion. Many of us met Naomi when she came to our worship retreat with Brad Berglund. She is currently completing her primary internship at Skyline Community Church in Oakland, and will be joining us for advanced field‐education study next year.

At Skyline Church, Naomi assisted Rev. Laurie Manning in developing an adult spiritual education program, created a Christmas pageant, and explored drama and liturgical dance in worship and spiritual practice. In the spring of 2012, Naomi completed her first 5‐month internship at an inter‐denominational church in Berea, Kentucky, and then received a fellowship to be the UCC Seminarian at the Chautauqua Institution over the summer.

Naomi brings a rich background to her work in the church. She was born in Zambia to Catholic missionary parents, and raised in rural Ireland where her parents were handweavers. She came to the U.S. in 1993 to begin undergraduate studies at Berea College in Kentucky, and went on to receive her BA from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Naomi worked in the field of  environmental justice before starting a PhD in cultural geography at UC Berkeley, and then entering seminary.

At seminary, Naomi applies her skills in textile and visual arts to sacred space design for her seminaryʹs chapel. She also leads and designs alternative worship services, and started an academic writing group for students. She has traveled widely in Europe, China, Thailand, Mexico and Ireland. Her areas of academic interest include: Theologies and Best Practices of Christian Parish Ministry; Theologies of Embodiment and Care related to Disability and Illness; Intersections of Art and Spirituality; and, Faith‐based organizing. Naomi has a five‐year‐old son ‐ Finn ‐ who lives with his Dad in Berea, Kentucky, and who will be visiting us from time to time during the year.

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