Joys and Concerns

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • Birthday Joys: Bryace Johnson (May 28)
  • Kathy Gillam for all those affected by the Santa Fe, Texas, massacre, with a prayer for change
  • Sachiko Berry for their co-housing community as they mourn the death of their member, Kate, with gratitude for her life
  • Chip Clark for his landlady, Carlene, who is in rehab
  • For Thelma Tuttle who will be having gall bladder surgery soon
  • For Eileen Conover who is at home recovering from hip surgery
  • For Ron Fredlund who fell and scraped his head
  • For Andy Kille who is dealing with terminal cancer
  • For our neighbors that we may find ways to live peacefully with them
  • For Don, Dustin, and Dylan Ha as they deal with the difficulties of serious water damage to their home
  • For all the good work of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America/Bautistas por la paz


One thought on “Joys and Concerns”

  1. Prayers for Mary Granholm to heal from her falls and prayers for Gregory In his reflection for what he wrote and said probably with good intentions

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