Widows and orphans

Cathleen Falsani, Tripp Hudgins, Naomi Schultz
Jan Gunderson (piano), Cathleen Falsani (front), Tripp Hudgins (banjo)

We had a wonderful time last Sunday with Cathleen Falsani.  Both in worship and in Adult Spiritual Formation we benefited from her wisdom and grace.  We were blessed to have her here because she is a friend of Pastor Tripp’s and was in the Bay Area for a series of concerts by Mumford and Sons.  If you have not had a chance to read her book, Sin Boldly: A Field Guide to Grace, we purchased 5 copies for the library so one should be available soon.  We will finish up our conversations concerning the book as well as Cathleen’s sharing with us in this Sunday’s Adult Spiritual Formation.

The worship theme for Sunday is “Widows and Orphans.”  It is interesting that both the reading from Hebrew scripture and from the gospel deal with widows who lose their only sons, only to have them raised from the dead – one by Elijah, the other by Jesus.  Both are miracles of compassion.  In the Judaeo-Christian tradition, the phrase “widows and orphans” can stand for all those who are poor and outcast, desperate and downtrodden.  Care for widows, orphans and the stranger in your midst was clearly mandated as righteousness.  It was rooted in the expectation that gracious hospitality would be a way of life in the arid, hostile environment of the ancient Middle East.

Come Sunday at 10 AM and bring someone along to share the morning with you.

May God’s new thing flourish within us and among us.
Pastor Rick