Thanks to Dona; Fourth Sunday of Advent

Three candlesAnother full week in the life of FBCPA. On Friday, the final Senior Chat was held at Covenant Presbyterian Church, followed by a luncheon co-hosted by Covenant and us to say thank you to Dona Smith-Powers for eight plus years of leadership of this program. We shared our gratitude for all she has given.

On Saturday, in our sanctuary, we held a moving memorial service for Virginia Herbert. Until her death, just shy of her 96th birthday, Virginia was our oldest member. Virginia was a remarkable woman, school teacher, mother and social organizer. Her circle of friends and former students is large. There will be another celebration of her life later in the spring when more of these folks can gather to share their rich memories. We will surely miss her. Thanks to everyone who helped with the service and lovely reception afterwards.

Sunday we finished our brief spiritual journey into the theme, “Be Born in Us Today,” by considering the ancient practice of examen, in which we ask ourselves on a regular basis, “Where did I feel God’s presence in my life today?” and “When Did I experience God as being absent?” These are key questions for a growing spiritual consciousness. In the afternoon, a group of intrepid carolers went to the Terraces to sing for some of the folk there. Afterward we gathered back at the church for chili supper. Thanks to Eleanor, Melanie Ramirez and Thelma Tuttle for making the delicious meal happen.

This Sunday, the fourth in Advent, we conclude our celebration of singers and songs of the season. We will have an augmented choir with voices from the Choral Project plus several regular guest musicians. We will all sing our songs as well. The sermon title is “Angelic Airs and Earthy Echoes,” in which we look once more to the heavenly choir and the shepherds’ shock. You’ve heard the word before of this most surprising experience. The announcement comes to the poor and outcast, the lowest of the low – “It’s to you we bring the glad tidings. It’s for you the Messiah comes. Let there be peace and good will for all on this earth.”

After worship we will gather in the Fellowship Hall for our annual Christmas brunch. Everyone is asked to bring finger food to share. Why don’t you bring some guests as well? It will be a great day. See you Sunday at 10:00 AM

God grant us more light, more love, more life as we journey together.

Pastor Rick