A “spirited” Pentecost

13-05-22.pentecost_banner.fwWe had a “spirited” day last Sunday as we celebrated Pentecost.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the service “go” and to all those who attended for their flexibility.  We are still experimenting with what makes for meaningful worship for our cross-section of folk, including our children and youth.  Maybe we will always be experimenting to some degree as the Spirit continues to “blow where it wills.”   It’s great to have a community of people who are willing to go along on this journey, especially when it takes us out of our comfort zones.  It is delight to have colleagues like Tripp and Jan and Oleta as journey partners in planning and executing what it is for us to be a worshiping community.

In Adult Spiritual Formation, our consideration of Cathleen Falsani’s book, Sin Boldly: A Field Guide for Grace is going quite well, with some spirited sharing and discussion.  We will continue the conversation this week and then on June 2, we will be privileged to have Cathleen with us for worship and Adult Spiritual Formation.

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday.  In worship we will focus on God, the “three-in-one.”  The ancient concept of the Trinity is really not mentioned in the Bible per se, though we see signs of it in the different faces of God that are shown.  It is a very human construct trying to make sense of the complexity of God, which is ultimately beyond our grasp.  What it does show us, though, in a significant way, is the relational nature of God.  It says something about the need for us to be in relationship with one another, as well as with God, in the practice of our faith.  So, invite a family member, a friend or neighbor, colleague or stranger to come along for our celebration of the Trinity as well as our exploration of grace.  See you Sunday at 10.

May God’s new thing flourish within us and among us.

Pastor Rick