Pastor Gregory Says…

LentGrowing up in High School as a Southern Baptist, we never really talked about Lent. When it was discussed it was always mentioned as being “too Catholic.” Some of my friends at school talked about giving up things like soda and chocolate, but it never really made sense to me.

Giving up diet coke and candy didn’t really seem to make sense of Jesus’ solidarity with the poor, imprisoned, and prostituted. So I have a different suggestion for us.

For Lent may I suggest that we give up being apathetic about telling the truth?

The truth is…

Sixty-two billionaires have as much wealth as half the world’s population, 3.5 billion people.

More than 50% of Transgender youth will have had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday.

90% of the large fish in the oceans are gone, 97% of native forests are destroyed, and 200 species are driven extinct each and every day.

Not one Republican presidential candidate supports my ability to get married to the person I love.

These are hard truths. This is the holy foolishness we are asked to consider for Lent if our hope is to bring about the Beloved Community.  The Gospel for our time is about staring evil in the face, without backing down and without resulting to violence, and proclaiming resurrection over dry bones. Together let’s give up any complacency within us by speaking and embodying truth to power.