OGHS Relief for Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugeesVALLEY FORGE, PA (9/17/15)—The Board of Directors of IM officially expressed its long-term commitment to supporting Syrian refugee and IDP communities in the recent International Ministries Resolution on Syrian Refugees. The resolution paves the way for a focused mobilization of human and financial resources to pray for, meet the needs of and prepare to receive Syrian refugees.

As a first step in this next stage of response, IM has sent an additional $10,000 in OGHS emergency funding to provide immediate relief for Syrian refugees and IDPs. Of this grant, IM partners Hungarian Baptist Aid and the Union of Baptist Churches of Serbia have each been given $5,000. The aid will be used to supply food and water, clothing, shelter and medical clinics. Future OGHS grants will support the efforts of all IM partners who are providing relief to Syrian IDPs and refugees.

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Refugee Crisis Response

Boys between the ages of 10 and 17 are deported back to Guatemala City, Guatemala, by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in 2007

Responding to the current crisis of refugees fleeing civil war in Syria, $5,000 of One Great Hour (OGH) funds have been sent to the Serbian Baptist Union and $5,000 to Hungarian Baptist Aid. IM missionaries Tom and Terry Myers are helping the Sofia Baptist Church in Bulgaria to bring supplies to a refugee camp, and Larry Stanton traveled from Hungary to Serbia as apart of relief aid (HBAid). Projects in Budapest by HBAid give medical assistance by 4 doctors, 4 nurses, and translators and pharmacists at a train station. Similar aid services have been provided at another seven locations.

Syrian refugee children are being taken by a Baptist school in Beirut, Lebanon, where a Syrian curriculum is offered in Arabic. Soup kitchens have been set up in by Serbian Baptists. Previous grants of $50,000 for relief in Syria and $40,000 for a dairy co-op in Lebanon have been sent. ABCUSA announced that the pool of OGHS funds available for initial emergency grants is significantly depleted and called for additional giving focused on this need.

You can donate directly to International Ministries, marked for OGH for “Syria Relief” or give to FBCPA who directs your gifts through Evergreen Association.