A Note from Pastor Gregory (7/2016)

Gregory StevensOur All-Church Retreat is coming up at the end of July! Here’s a personal story about me to get us started on our reflections of narrative, story, and connectedness with Daniel Pryfogle.

Growing up I lived with my mom and got to see my father every other weekend. My dad quickly became known as the fun parent. He liked going out to eat more, seeing movies, he was interested in pop culture, and of course bought us kids tons of Christmas presents we couldn’t resist. That’s how I gauged fun often as a little middle-class boy: more and more presents crammed into two short days with my charismatic dad who let me sit in the front seat (with a seat-belt on of course, per Mom double checking). He always seemed like the cool parent so all the way through middle and high school, we would side with him in all our family arguments and often use him as our out for trouble times. Dad was a source of escape when we lived with our Mom who we always seemed a bit crazy after our half-sister Carolyn killed herself a few years before – the trauma was exhausting for the whole family. Continue reading A Note from Pastor Gregory (7/2016)

Mixon Muses: Blessed and Grateful

Pastor Rick MixonSometimes it’s difficult to believe I’ve been around as long as I have. Other times – not so hard. I suppose it depends on the day and the time and the circumstances. Several friends and colleagues, in commenting on my “dual” anniversary (10 years at First Baptist, Palo Alto; 20 as an ordained minister,) remembered older times when it was challenging to see that something like this would ever happen. Now it’s not that uncommon to find clergy who identify as lgbtq people, serving congregations that embrace them and support their ministry. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to see these changes over the years. I have been blessed to be part of the process. Continue reading Mixon Muses: Blessed and Grateful