Pastor Rick: October 17

Rev. Rick MixonI had a very nice trip to Seattle this past weekend.   The weather was reasonable (for Seattle!)  The Evergreen meetings went well.  We were privileged to hear the excellent preaching of the Reverend Jacqueline Thompson, Assistant Pastor at Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, who urged us to remain faithful to our calling to be an inclusive community of people and congregations.  It was great to visit with old friends and a delight to preach at Seattle First Baptist Church on Sunday.  The worship service was lovely, the choir and organ outstanding and the day filled with many fond memories.

By all reports it was a good day at FBCPA as well.  Thanks to Tripp for preaching, to Carolyn for working with the children and youth and to Nana for hosting a “visit to Lebanon.”  I heard that her presentation was very good, the décor lovely and the food outstanding.  Of course, I knew it would be.  I’m sorry I missed it.

Sunday we will visit India under the guidance of the Hunwicks.  Worship will focus on the 38th chapter of Job at the point at which God begins to speak to the Job from the whirlwind.  What happens when we bring our grievances before God with an expectation that justice will be done?  Job is confronted with an order of reality that goes far beyond his comprehension, that challenges his conception of justice, and that teaches him a lesson about being a creature, albeit one attended to and loved by God.

After worship we will hold our Quarterly Business Meeting, which will include a Special Business Meeting to consider a change to our church constitution’s quorum requirements.  The sole purpose of this amendment is to make it easier for us to conduct church business, since current quorums are a burden to meet.  There is no intention to purge our roles or exclude anyone who wants to be a member in this process.  We want every member who is willing and able to join in making this decision and, more importantly, to engage in every aspect of our community life, including its business.

So don’t’ forget – 10:00 AM in the sanctuary for worship, sharing and learning and then stay for the business meeting.  Bring a family member, friend, colleague or neighbor (or three!) to join us.  Strangers are welcome, too!

May God bless us and keep us on the way,

Pastor Rick

Pastor Rick: October 10

This picture has nothing to do with the article.

This weekend I will be attending the annual meeting of the Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches in Seattle, representing our congregation. On Sunday I have been invited to preach at Seattle First Baptist Church. This year marks the 40th anniversary of my internship at that church. From July 1971 through August 1972, I worked full time there under the able supervision of Walt Pulliam. I lived in a basement apartment under the sanctuary. During that year, among many other duties, I helped to start a young adults ministry in the congregation. It was a wonderful year, one that contributed to my pastoral identity and sense of how to do ministry in the local congregation. I am grateful for this opportunity to return.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we have pushed back our time with Jennifer Davidson form ABSW to the end of this month and the beginning of next. So she will not be with us this Sunday. Pastor Tripp will be preaching and Carolyn Shepard will be with our children and youth. Nana Spiridon will be our special guide to Lebanon and our mission work there. In Adult Spiritual Formation, we will conclude our work with Brad Berglund’s, Reinventing Sunday, as part of our journey into the Spirituality of Worship.

Don’t’ forget – 10:00 AM in the sanctuary for worship, sharing and learning. Bring a family member, friend, colleague or neighbor (or three!) to join us. Strangers are welcome, too!

May God bless us and keep us on the way,

Pastor Rick