Dreams and Night Musings…

LentThis week’s Lenten theme is “Dreams and Night Musings.” The focus text is Jacob’s dream of angels descending and ascending. Jacob is fleeing the wrath of his brother, Esau, whom he has deceived and generally treated poorly. The Taize commentary on this story suggests that, in this dream, “Going up, the angels carry to God the fear, the guilt feelings and the suffering of Jacob. Going down, they bring to Jacob God’s presence, God’s words and promise.” Learning to walk in the dark may mean letting go of our fears and trusting God’s love and care for us and for all creation.

We are privileged to have in our sanctuary in this Lenten season a stunning work of art, “Colors of Hope,” from the art and spirituality program in the Santa Clara County jails. The program says, “The weaving represents the importance of community, the importance of each individual’s contribution to the community and the connections that are necessary.” I believe it adds something unique and beautiful to our worship space. As I did with Sunday’s congregation, I encourage you to sit on the sides so you may take it in more fully and let it enhance your worship experience.

During adult education hour this week, we will hold two events. One will be led by Pastor Gregory and will focus on our Lenten study book, Learning to Walk in the Dark, by Barbara Brown Taylor. At the same time, Carolyn Shepard and I will host a conversation about church membership in the Sunday School room. Several of you should have received invitations to participate in this conversation, though anyone is welcome to participate.

Join us Sunday at 10:00 AM for worship, study and the sharing of community. Bring someone along share in the experiences of the day.

Together, let us strive…to know God’s love!

Pastor Rick