On the Art in our Sanctuary

CIC Artwork

For the peoples of the world striving for freedom and dignity

CIC Ministries Presents: Transformation: Art From Within

“Dear First Baptist Church of Palo Alto, it is with joy and thanks that we share these pieces from the Transformation: Art From Within art exhibit. We thank you for your friendship and partnership with CIC, your devotion to God and to our incarcerated brothers and sisters.”

Rev. Louann Roberts, CIC Ministries Chaplain

Transformation: Art From Within is an exhibit of art created by prisoners at Elmwood Correctional Complex. These pieces and many others are part of a larger exhibit that affirms the humanity and dignity of the human beings incarcerated in our jails. The art and writing show that there is more to them than their criminal charges. Their work exhibits introspection, spirituality, promise and hope.

CIC’s Art and Spirit ministry
The Art and Spirit ministry is a program of CIC Ministries. The Art and Spirit ministry encourages refocusing and introspection by enriching the spirit and creative lives of the incarcerated. Art is the vehicle that offers opportunities to learn skills necessary for life within and outside of the jail. The return of inmates to the community calls us to provide programs which demonstrate more spiritual and loving ways to live.

    CIC Artwork