Note from Pastor Rick (8/10/2016)

Thanks to Pastor Gregory for his excellent sermon explaining the “Rapture” to us and to Anthia Lee Halfmann and their beautiful music Sunday. We had a good group at Lunch Bunch, concluding with a birthday celebration for Dona Smith-Powers’s friend, Larry, complete with chocolate cake and strawberries and whipped cream. After Nana’s ample Patio Hour, we all went home “well-fed” in every way.

This Sunday we will continue our consideration of “Coming Home,” this time focusing on Jesus’ parable at the very end of the “Sermon on the Mount” in which he encourages his followers to “build their homes on solid rock.” Again we will ask what is meant by home and how we might construct such a “home” for ourselves and our congregation. We have a fine building but is that enough? Is it even what Jesus is looking toward we he exhorts the work crew? Continue reading Note from Pastor Rick (8/10/2016)

Pastor Gregory Says… (8/10/16)

gregory_stevens_16-06-05I hope you’re having a good week, I myself am just getting over the strangest stomach bug! After my sermon on Sunday I snuck away to my bed and didn’t leave my room until Tuesday morning. I didn’t get the chance to share with you one of the most fascinating resources that influenced my sermon this past Sunday. The great Baptist preacher of the late 20th century Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick at Riverside Church in New York City. He was a beacon of light in the early fundamentalist debates in the turn of the century standing on the side of love, justice, scripture, and reason. He spoke strongly against the terrible Hoover Vacuum Rapture theologies of his conservative brothers and preached a Biblical gospel of God’s restoration of creation rather than evacuation from creation. Continue reading Pastor Gregory Says… (8/10/16)