Life Around the Church (12/16)

Betsy Andersonby Betsy Anderson, Office Manager/Building Supervisor

The church is decorated for the Christmas holiday. The tree is up in the Sanctuary lit with tiny white lights, pine cones are everywhere, and there is a feeling of anticipation that joy and celebration are ahead.

The church building is wonderful and historic. People passing by often comment on how lovely it is, and others come inside the Sanctuary to pause and reflect and have a quiet moment during a busy week.

One of my job duties is to keep all of our machines and appliances humming along. Our church building was constructed in 1949 with some original equipment that we still use. And as is often the case right before a holiday – the week before Thanksgiving and now the weeks before Christmas – our vintage stove needs a part and has stopped working. Stove repair people have said that plumbers can fix it, plumbers say fire safety people can fix it, and fire safety people say electricians can fix it. Thankfully, we believe that Palo Alto Plumbing and Heating has found a solution and we’ll be up and running very soon in time for the holidays.

Special events happening in and around the church during December include:

  • Dec 9: Women’s Brunch at Nana Spiridon’s, 11:30 AM
  • Dec 10, 11 & 17: New Mozart Concerts
  • Dec 11: Christmas Caroling & Chili Supper, 4 PM
  • Dec 19: iSing Family Carol Sing, 6 PM
  • Dec 24: Christmas Eve Family Service, 5 PM
  • Dec 25: Christmas Day Service, 10 AM

Happy December and Merry Christmas!


Life Around the Church (11/16)

by Betsy Anderson, Office Manager/Building Supervisor

Betsy AndersonBy my door, the leaves are falling, all around the patio, and everywhere you look, the leaves still on the trees rustle in the wind, and the youth garden is thriving with bush beans, basil, chocolate mint, cilantro, and rosemary.

Indoors, classes are in full swing. On any given Monday, the Macrobiotic chefs are chopping up fresh ingredients for the evening meal, while on the other side of the kitchen wall Andrea Monti glides across the floor of the Fellowship Hall demonstrating a flawless Tango with one of her dance students.

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Life Around the Church

by Betsy Anderson, Office Manager/Building Supervisor

Betsy AndersonIt’s very peaceful when I arrive at the church every day. I open the Sanctuary, and put out the “Open for Prayer and Meditation” sign, and come into my office where it’s usually sunny. Lots goes on later in the day, but first thing, it’s very quiet.

On Mondays, the chefs for the macrobiotic dinner arrive just before Noon to begin cooking the evening’s meal. Patricia Becker, the manager of the dinner, is offering a vegetarian cooking class here on December 3rd to teach how to prepare some of their best dishes.

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Baroque Concert September 12

musicnotesPalo Alto Philharmonic Baroque Concert

The Palo Alto Philharmonic kicks off its 28th anniversary season with its annual concert of Baroque Music, organized by Music Director Thomas Shoebothan, with selected soloists and small ensembles performing a delightful array of music from the 17th and 18th centuries.

8:00 pm Saturday, September 12, 2015
First Baptist Church
305 North California Avenue, Palo Alto

Tickets are $22 general; $18 seniors; $10 students. Available at or at the box office the evening of the performance (cash or check only).


  • Johann Sebastian Bach-
    Orchestral Suite No. 2 for Flute & Strings in B minor (BWV 1067)
  • Domenico Scarlatti-
    Keyboard Sonatas K. 141 & K. 417
  • Henry Purcell-
    Sonata for Trumpet and Strings in D Major
  • Giovanni Gabrielli (arr. J. F. Tailard)-
    Canzon Pian’e Forte
  • Giovanni Battista Buonamente-
    Sonata from Sonate et Canzoni, Libro Sesto
  • Archangelo Corelli-
    Concerto Grosso in D Major, Op. 6 No. 4
  • François Couperin-
    Treiziéme Concert à 2 instruments de basse
  • George Phillip Telemann-
    Canonic Sonata #2 in G Major