Young People and Renewal at FBCPA

iSing GirlchoirI love the fact that this is a place that welcomes and embraces young people. As I mentioned last week, we hosted concerts for the Silicon Valley Boychoir and iSing Silicon Valley Girlchoir at the same time we have the ongoing presence of the New Mozart School for Music. The building is often crawling with kids. I want to tell you that the Girlchoir concerts Friday and Saturday were terrific. Not only were the concerts musically excellent, the leadership and teaching of Jennah Delp-Somers and Shane Troll is remarkable. This program has become a real asset not only to our church but to the cultural life of Silicon Valley.

And speaking of assets, our own children and youth will be leading us in worship Sunday. This is the first time in the years I’ve been here that we’ve done something quite like this. Pastor Tripp and Doug have been working with the kids this spring on the topic of baptism. Now they have created a worship service in which we will be “Remembering Our Baptisms” along with them. I am especially pleased that Oscar Ramirez, who is graduating soon from Los Altos High and heading off to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, will be bringing the Reflection on the Word. I am looking forward to what he has to share with us. You will surely want to be present for this gift from our children and youth. By the way, they are also hosting the fellowship time after worship.

Following the service, we will hold the Special Business Meeting to take action on the Renewal Proposal, brought to us by the Renewal Task Team through the Church Council.   I am sure you are all aware of the process this proposal has been through. We came to you originally with a great candidate for the proposed new pastoral position, but in the end she was not available. At our Quarterly Business Meeting in April we brought you a revision of the proposal that removes references to a specific candidate and proposes the creation of a search process for a new candidate. We invited and have been open to talking with anyone in the congregation prior to Sunday’s meeting. I hope you have taken advantage of this invitation if you continue to have questions or concerns. I am hopeful that we have come to the place where we can embrace this proposal and move forward in a timely manner.   I also continue to pray that God will sustain and guide us as we look to God’s future for us.

So plan to be here at 10:00 AM for Youth Sunday and then stay for this very important business meeting.

God grant us more light, more love, more life as we journey together.

Pastor Rick    

Joyful noise…

Rev. Rick MixonWhen The Choral Project (the choir in which Afan, Dan and I sing) had its dress rehearsal in the sanctuary last Wednesday evening, I shared with whomever would listen my experience of the afternoon. iSing Silicon Valley Girlchoir was rehearsing in the Fellowship Hall, Silicon Valley Boychoir was rehearsing in the Sanctuary and the New Mozart Musical School was going full blast upstairs and I was overcome with joy. I know all that “noise” would not be everyone‘s “cup of tea,” but you know how much I love music.

For me it is sheer joy to have this old building full of singing and playing with the footsteps and shouts of children, their parents and teachers. This is one of the reasons that person after person who comes into this facility recognize it as a special place, dare I say a “sacred space.” We have been blessed with this resource and I believe we are using it well, in responsible stewardship, even when the exigencies of all the activities drive you a little crazy – like moving chairs and overflowing toilets and burned out lights. Perhaps one might even find God hovering over, around or in the blessed chaos.

Sunday we will complete mini-series in worship and Adult Spiritual Formation. This will be the last session of Pastor Tripp’s study of Phillip Kenneson’s book, Life on the Vine. This week’s session will continue the discussion of “Cultivating Joy in the Midst of Manufactured Desire.” This has been an interesting series and Sunday will be our last Sunday to enjoy Pastor Tripp’s leadership in this area – at least for awhile. We will definitely be inviting him back.

The theme for worship is once more drawn from the little book of 1 Peter. In this Sunday’s passage, the writer addresses how these small, struggling churches, spread throughout Asia Minor might account for the hope that shapes their life and draws them toward God’s future. In the same vein, we might ask what is our hope? How do we embrace it? How do we live into it, working to make it reality in the here and now? This is especially important as we prepare for the Special Business Meeting on June 1 when we will be asked to act on a hopeful vision for the future of our congregation.

I will repeat the reminder that if you have questions or concerns about the revised Renewal Proposal, we want to hear from you so that we can be in conversation before the special business meeting on June 1 to vote on the Proposal. You may contact me, Carolyn, or any member of the Task Team or Council.

Personally, I hope you will all be here at 10 AM on Sunday for worship and then stay for Adult Spiritual Formation.

God grant us more light, more love, more life as we journey together.

Pastor Rick