A Note from Pastor Gregory (9/2016)

In high school I once wrote an article for the school newspaper on immigration. My mom was always one to write articles for the local newspaper so she encouraged me to write this article for my school paper. It started with, “They’re illegal, not American. They raise crime rates and lower statistics on education. They’re stealing our jobs and destroying our country.” Let’s just say it didn’t go over very well.

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This Week at First Baptist (8/31/16)

CalendarThis Week at First Baptist

NOTE: The Life Line Screening that had been scheduled for Friday, September 2 has been cancelled due to a scheduling mixup.

  • Choir is on hiatus for the Summer.
  • Meditation Group will be on hiatus from August 3 through September 14, reconvening on Wednesday, September 21.
  • Sunday, September 4: Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost
    10:00 AM: Worship for the Whole Family with Communion
    Opportunity Knocks – with a Song to Sing,” 1 Chronicles 16:7-36; Psalm 150; Colossians 312-17; Revelation 15:2-4, Pastor Rick preaching. Remember if you have a favorite song or one you’ve just been missing or something. Please Pastor Rick know as soon as possible for consideration for the service. Reminder also from Carolyn Shepard that well be taking an All-Church Photo Sunday for her to take to our sister church in Corinto, so come with your best smile of greeting.
    11:15 AM Patio Hour.
    11:30 AM: Quarterly Business Meeting in the Parlor
  • Monday, August 29: Spire Deadline
  • Tuesday, September 6, 10:30 AM: Bible Study at Marylea McLean’s apartment, 373 Pine Lane, #4204, Los Altos.
  • Wednesday, September 7, 8:30 AM: Men’s Breakfast at Bill’s Cafe, 3163 Middlefield, Palo Alto. All the men from our Church family are welcome.
  • Wednesday, September 7, 7:00 PM: Church Council meeting in the Youth Room


  • Sunday, September 11, Season of Pentecost
    10:30 AM: Worship and Sunday School
    Opportunity Knocks: – The Caesar Divides, The Christ Unites,” Psalm 104:14-23; Luke 12:22-31;1 Corinthians 1:10-23, Pastor Gregory preaching.
    11:15 AM Patio Hour
  • Sunday, September 11, 2:00 PM: Multifaith Peace Walk & Picnic: Join people of many backgrounds to say ‘no’ to fear and ‘yes’ to friendship! Mark 9/11 with a 2.5 mile walk in Palo Alto with diverse faith communities. Gather at 1:30 pm at Congregation Etz Chayim, 4161 Alma Street. Walk begins at 2:00 pm and ends with a Peace Picnic at Mitchell Park. There will be stops at several churches along the way and shuttle service back to the starting point. Everyone welcome! Our congregation is a sponsor of this event. For more information and registration (helpful but not necessary) see www.multifaithpeace.org/peacewalk.