Coming up

Sunday we will welcome to our pulpit, Liliana Da Valle, Interim Pastor at Shellridge Community Church and former Executive Minister of the Rhode Island region. Her text is Hebrews 4:14-16 and her title is “With Bold Determination.” So, we will be away from our journey with Brian McLaren this week, but you can read above about the theme and scripture from his book with an attached commentary. This concludes our consideration of the Sermon on the Mount. The coming weeks will focus on Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter. Both Palm Sunday and Easter will entail worship for the whole family and communion for April will be on Maundy Thursday, April 2 in the context of a meal.

We continue our study in Adult Spiritual Formation of nonviolent resistance and what our faith tradition asks of us in this area. One important resource on which we are drawing is The Powers that Be: Theology for a New Millennium by Walter Wink. Join us on Sunday for serious reflection and spirited discussion.

Come at 10:00 AM and stay for Adult Spiritual Formation. Bring others along to share the day.

May we continue to grow together as God’s people.
Pastor Rick