Mission News from Kikongo

Kikongo soccer teamIn January 2013, our children and youth helped FBCPA to raise $931 for soccer balls for children and youth in the villages of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Glen and Rita Chapman have been involved for 20 years in a rural pastoral training institution in Kikongo. The soccer balls were delivered via a PPC: a powered parachute which Glen uses to transport fragile audiovisual materials out to the villages. The Kikongo soccer team is shown at right:

The training school is being raised to the competitive level of a university and will begin with 3 majors: Theology, Agriculture, and Teacher Training. More than 60 men and women have already enrolled. (The parents of both Glen and Rita were classmates with the Hunwicks and the Fungs at BBDS/ABSW in 1950-51).

Kikongo university staff

To read more about the Chapmans and the new university, see: