Trip Notes from Dan Buttry in Israel

Dear Friends,

Actually, Sharon and I are in Nazareth, Israel, but most of our time this past week was spent in Bethlehem in Palestine. We have been teaching at the Bethlehem Bible College.  It is a partner institution with the Nazareth Evangelical School where we were the previous week. Continue reading Trip Notes from Dan Buttry in Israel

Baptists Urged to “Wage Peace” in Israel

13-05-22.pentecost_banner.fwFrom the Associated Baptist Press:

A Palestinian pastor told a weekend gathering sponsored by the Alliance of Baptists that theology is part of the problem in today’s Middle East.

by Bob Allen

Theology is part of the problem of instability in the Middle East but can be part of the solution, a Palestinian theologian said Nov. 9 at a conference titled “Waging Peace in Palestine and Israel” sponsored by the Alliance of Baptists.

…In 2009, Raheb returned to theology with a group of other Christian leaders that published Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth declaring Israel’s military occupation of the land “a sin against God and humanity” and countering Christians who defend it by quoting Scripture.

“Unfortunately, theology is part of the problem, not part of the solution,” Raheb said Saturday. “While the international community keeps sending Israel all these hardware toys for free, the seminaries and the theologians are providing the software for occupation to continue.”

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