Pastor Tripp: November 1

Rev. Tripp HudginsWe have had a lively autumn together. Focusing on our fellowship and worship, weʹve met for potlucks, to dance, to sing, to share our experiences of worship as a spiritual practice. Some of us have spoken about long‐standing traditions or about the memories we have of traditions that have been abandoned.

We have prayed together. We have wondered together. Itʹs been a full season. The children have been equally active. We have spend our Sundays learning about other religions such as Hinduism and Islam. We have watched video and listened to music. Weʹve shared what weʹve all learned in school about the world and asked questions about our own religious tradition. It has been a full season.

Of course, the season isnʹt over yet. As I write this, Dr. Jennifer Davidson continues her leadership of our congregation as we explore together various ways we might deepen and expand our worship life. Weʹll write our own liturgies. Weʹll find ways of praying together that may surprise even the most experienced of us. As we continue this exploration, please hold the church in your prayers. Meet together. Share a meal. Break bread. Pray together.

November will bring First Friday and the Gratitude Potluck. The youth of the congregation will meet and learn more about what it means to be a community called to pray for the world. Then all are invited to gather on Friday, November
16 at 6:00pm in the fellowship hall for the Gratitude Potluck. Weʹll dine together and celebrate the ministry to which God has called all of us to serve this corner of the world. After the Thanksgiving holiday, weʹll move together into Advent, that time of year where we open our imaginations to the God being born in the world, Immanuel. Prepare ye the way of the Lord!