A Note from Pastor Gregory

Earth in your handsThis is the speech I gave at the rally held in the Fall at Google organized by the Sierra Club and 350.org. I spoke alongside other faith leaders, community organizers, and teenagers who have been involved in healing God’s good world. As we look forward to Earth Month I find this memory to be one that continues to inspire my work today. 

Peoples Climate Rally Speech
September 24, 2015
Googleplex, Mountain View

In the beginning… the Universe birthed quarks and leptons, protons and neutrons. Over some 14.5 billion years hydrogen gas transformed itself into mountains, Martians, the music of Miley Cyrus, and you and me.

It turns out Joni Mitchell was right, “We are stardust.”

And this is what is so important! This is what the Donald Trumps of the world do not seem to understand; we are not distinct from Earth, we are Earth consciously experiencing Herself.

The silly thought that we are the center of the Universe, the most important animal on Earth, has led to the destruction of entire ecosystems, islands of plastic now float in the pacific, and the ozone layer is depleted at an alarming rate! Human-chauvinism has failed us.

But! When we think of Earth holistically, life takes on a new and inter-connected meaning. Our planet functions as a single living organism that maintains conditions necessary for Her own survival.

So my suggestion for all of your brilliant technological minds is that we might not actually need another carbon slurping machine to “save the world.” In many ways, we already have one.

It takes ton of carbon from the atmosphere, cleans water, makes oxygen, builds soil, and creates the richest of bio diversities. It’s called a forest.

As we re-think our human positioning from being in control to in sync with the ebbs and flows of Grandmother Earth, possibilities for technological advances abound.

How can we harness technology to help create a world in which all people are assured a secure and meaningful life that is ecologically sustainable, in which every form of life has sacred value? How can we harness technology to transform our creations into acts of moral witness, discarding our harmful habits for new practices that support life? How can the billions of dollars being made in this industry, in this Googleplex, be transformed for the common good?

If our lives matter, if the lives of non-human animals matter, and if on this very planet, all known life has evolved from matters, a new (possibly technological) approach at creatively transforming this looming apocalypse is of dire need.

We need your creativity and we need your innovation as we seek to embody justice and peace for all. Blessed be and amen.