Mixon Muses: Change is the constant

Pastor Rick MixonThere’s an old adage I learned years ago that claims “change is the only constant.” It’s a clever play on words and a truthful paradox. Change is constant? Well, of course it is. Whatever we encounter in life, whatever we build or cultivate, whatever we come to rely on, we can count on it changing over time. If we’re honest, we know this truth from our lived experience.

At a recent meeting of our Senior/Solo Pastor’s TIM (Together in Ministry) Group, one of our members, whose congregation is made up of people from a non-English-speaking part of the world, raised a question for us to consider. The dilemma he is facing is that he has ministered for many years to this group of folks who are emigrants. They are first generation Americans and their native tongue is not English. They were uprooted from their land and culture and came to the USA to escape oppression. It has been very important for these folks, as they gather in their faith community, to hold on to the old language and traditions. You can imagine how important and valuable it is to have this gathering in which you can at least remember home and the old ways. Continue reading Mixon Muses: Change is the constant