ABSW and theological education

Rev. Wilkins, Pastor Rick, and Pastor Tripp
Rev. Wilkins, Pastor Rick, and Pastor Tripp

Greetings on this very warm first day of May.  It was a privilege and a pleasure for us to have the Rev. Robert Wilkins last Sunday, giving us insight into the American Baptist Seminary of the West and the current state of theological education.  His sharing was informative and helpful as we consider how we might assist seminary students in preparation for ministry.  One exciting prospect we have to look forward to is that we will have two very fine seminary students working with us as interns next year.  I am very pleased that Naomi Schultz from PSR and Douglas Davidson from ABSW have signed on to work with Tripp, me and the congregation.  You will hear more about them in the days ahead.  We are indeed blessed.

For the next couple of weeks our worship will focus on the last two chapters of Revelation, John’s vision of the Heavenly City and all it promises for the glorious fulfillment of God’s reign.  I know there is much in the book of Revelation that is troublesome and confusing, especially if it’s taken literally.  Even in John’s grand vision of the ultimate destination of God’s creatures and God’s creation, we find ideas and images that do not sit easily with us.  But the promises of healing and wholeness may still stir to us to live into those promises as we journey in the here and now.  There is much to praise in God’s eternal presence around and in us.

Adult Spiritual Formation will be one of those periodic Sundays when you’re invited to share whatever is on your mind.  Lord knows there has been plenty in the news lately to keep us occupied far beyond our hour.  Still let’s join in open, honest and respectful conversation.

See you on Sunday at 10 as we as we gather as Christ’s beloved community.  Invite someone to come with you.

May God’s new thing flourish within us and among us.
Pastor Rick