Congregational Care Ministry

coffeeCoffee Hosts provide Sunday Morning hospitality

During the months of January and February we wish to thank all these gracious hosts for providing refreshments for our Coffee Hour each Sunday morning following our Worship Service.

Lois Ville and Nana Spiridon, Melanie Ramirez, Our Youth guided by Doug Davidson (Please remember those Chicken Nuggets.), Thelma Tuttle, Carolyn Shepard, Jane Chin, Chip Clark, and members of Congregational Life task team.

Hospitality opportunities during Lent:

In addition to Sunday morning Coffee Time we will enjoy gathering together for a Soup Supper on Maundy Thursday, April 2, at 6 PM, and celebrating together at an Easter Brunch following Worship on Sunday, April 5.

Please consider offering to be a Host on a Sunday Morning during Lent or during Holy Week. Join Laura Garcia and Alan Plessinger who have each offered to assist or to host a Sunday morning in early March. Later Sundays and events in Holy Week are in need of hosts. Won’t you consider being a host or an assistant? If your answer is, YES, please be in touch with Lois Ville or a member of Congregational Life Task Team.

All who are interested will be welcome at our next Congregational Life meeting, Friday, March 13, at 2 pm, in the Church Parlor.

Eleanor Satterlee, task team member

Patio Hour is Coming Soon!

Patio HourSummer is coming and with it the warm mornings which we can enjoy outside on our new patio after worship. Families, or a group of friends, and Task Team members are urged to take turns providing refreshments for Patio Hour on our very new and
desirable PATIO space. Please choose a Sunday when you and your family or group can take a turn serving refreshments setting up the table and afterwards taking down and putting away including cleaning up.

Congregational Care task team members will provide suggestions and advice including suggestions for what to serve and where to find it.

PATIO HOUR begins on Sunday, June 29, and ends on August 31.

Your offerings are always appreciated.

Congregational Care Task Team

Valentine's DayIn the service of caring for all members of the congregation Congregational Care Task Team invites members to assist in many acts of Hospitality. On Sunday Mornings members of the congregation take turns acting as Coffee Host.

During the months of January, February, and March these members have served or will serve as Coffee Host(s): Joanne Jones, Eleanor Satterlee, Soo Kim, Chip Clark, Lois Ville and Joanne Jones, Nana Spiridon and Thelma Parodi, Carolyn Shepard, Thelma Tuttle, Marilyn Hunwick,. We have not completed the month of March with Hosts. If you are wondering how you may help, please speak to any of these hosts in person, by telephone, or by email.

On Friday, February 14, Valentine’s Day, we celebrated Love and Fellowship with a Potluck meal and a time for visiting with one another. Pastor Tripp and Intern Doug Davidson placed serving tables in convenient places and set out tables and chairs for guests. They constructed and decorated a Celebration Banner and gathered together valentines for the tables. Thelma Tuttle and Carolyn Shepard completed table decorations including balloons and colored ribbons. Lynn and Marilyn Hunwick shared some of their prize Camellias for all to enjoy. The kitchen “crew” set forth organizing utensils for serving our meal. Our Crew was led by Joanne Jones, daughter, Ann Jones Simmons, Carolyn Shepard, Sachiko Berry, Marilyn Hunwick, Thelma Tuttle, Laura Garcia,and Eleanor Satterlee. Clean -up helpers were Melanie Ramirez, Joanne Jones, and Hugh Satterlee, assisted by members of the “crew.”

The Next Potluck is Friday, March 21, at 6 o’clock. Please make plans now to join the gathering.

– Lois Ville