Thanks from Evergreen

The Evergreen Annual Meeting  was held at First Baptist Church of Palo Alto October 9-11, 2015.

A word from Bob Sittig, Evergreen Association Chair:

The meeting was fabulous. My personal gratitude goes out to Pastor Rick Mixon, the members of Palo Alto First Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church as well as to all the members of the Bay Area churches who contributed to the great success of this pioneering event. The meeting spaces were comfortable, the food delicious, and the spirit of welcome by all of our hosts made this meeting feel warm and meaningful to all who attended. This gathering was true evidence of the spirit of Evergreen. … One of the many lessons I took away from this magical time in Palo Alto was to be not afraid to try new things. This event far exceeded many expectations and brought renewed energy to our association. … I hope Evergreen will consider holding this event more often than every twelve years outside of Western Washington. It can be done successfully. I know God was smiling, maybe even laughing, the entire weekend.

Photos from the Evergreen weekend:

evergreen01-forbes evergreen02-worship evergreen03-mixon-forbes evergreen04-worship evergreen06-worship evergreen05-forbes  evergreen07-social evergreen08-choir

Pictures: June 21, 2015

June 21, 2015
We remembered the nine in the tragic shooting at the AME church in Charleston, SC . We had visitors from Australia, Oklahoma and LA.. Pastor Rick reminded youth and children to love themselves as well
as others. The Special Mission offering for June is the Granholm Scholarship Fund to support youth in our own congregation.

(Photos by Jin Chin)

15-06-21.worship-00    15-06-21.worship-01 15-06-21.worship-02    15-06-21.worship-03