Reoriented toward Gratitude by Fraser Macnaughton

An ongoing drought due to a failure of the rains is likely to see some five million people in the nations of Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, and South Africa needing food assistance by early next year. Some 30 million are at risk in what has been described as one of the driest years in decades. There is no expectation of rain in the immediate future and already there are signs of stress among particularly the rural populations, where residents are reporting that they have not had proper food for many days.

In Zimbabwe, where President Robert Mugabe has declared a “state of disaster,” the government is trying to buy grain form neighbouring countries, but the problem is compounded by the widespread drought across much of the region, where stocks are already low.

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Being Inter-religiously Baptist

Currently in the United States: Muslims and mosques all over the country report an increased rate of assault and vandalism. Many people from Muslim nations are being refused entry visas for pursuit of legitimate and meritorious endeavors in the U.S. Similarly, many foreign Muslims are being detained in this country for technical visa violations that are not being uniformly enforced. Persons of Middle Eastern descent and those belonging to other faith traditions, e.g. Sikhs, are mistaken for Muslims and subject to increased incidences of prejudice and discrimination. An increased number of Muslim women, whose dress makes them easily recognizable as belonging to a non-majority faith, are fearful of venturing outside their homes even for simple errands or to attend worship services for fear of the prejudice they encounter outside their doors. Strident voices make increasingly inflammatory public statements and unfounded verbal attacks. Continue reading Being Inter-religiously Baptist

Senior Programming

As most of you should be aware by now, the Senior Chat Program, organized by Rev. Dona Smith-Powers, and which ran for eight years, ended in December. At that time, the Council decided that it is time to assess the needs and desires of our current seniors.

A simple assessment form has been developed to help guide the Congregational Life Task Team and Council in future planning. While it is most likely not possible to address all needs or desires, it will give us some idea of the interests of our seniors.

A box will be placed in the entryway for you to turn in your completed form, or you can mail it to the church. You can also hand it to Pastor Rick, Carolyn or Lois. If you need help completing the form, please let Rick, Carolyn or Lois know.

Carolyn Shepard