Praying with the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • For the excellent leadership of Doug Avilesbernal and all who participated in our All Church Family Conversation last weekend
  • Melanie Ramirez for Daniel who has been accepted into the summer camp for the Pioneers, a marching group in Wisconsin, where he will spend two months this summer
  • Carolyn Shepard for the responsive young woman she has been able to help over the last couple of weeks with a place to live and help turning her life around
  • Pastor Gregory for Mosaic potluck on Tuesday; for his sister, Lauren, just out of detox and his mother, Carol with health concerns; for a good conversation with his father, David
  • Nana Spiridon for Alex who has pneumonia; for Liza who just announced her engagement
  • For James Poe as he travels in Israel next week with some other musicians
  • For all those affected by the school shooting in Florida and for an end to gun violence; for those young people who will be leading marches for gun control all across the country this Saturday
  • For our neighbors that we may find ways to live peacefully with them
  • For Don, Dustin, and Dylan Ha as they deal with the difficulties of serious water damage to their home
  • For all the good work supported by our annual America for Christ offering

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