Praying with the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • Birthday Joys: Betsy Koester and Oscar Ramirez (February 22), Madison Oatley (February 26)
  • For the joy of having Chuck and Nancy Syverson worship with us
  • For the Chins as they travel in Asia and the Gundersons as they travel in Egypt
  • For all those affected by the school shooting in Florida and for an end to gun violence
  • Chuck Syverson for friends living in Parkland, Florida, whose children went to Stoneham Douglas High School; remembering the pain of the living
  • Dan Cudworth recognizing the high price we pay for arming the world
  • Kathy Gillam for all those suffering from the failure of Congress to pass DACA legislation, with prayers for wisdom and courage in our representatives
  • Susan Bradley for older undocumented folk, many of whom have lived in this country for a long time, especially for a painter she met last week who has lived in this country for over 20 years whose 18 year old father lives in fear for her dad
  • Pastor Gregory for all those affected by the 150 calls that have come into the Rapid Response Network in Santa Clara County recently concerning undocumented residents, encouraging us all to have Rapid Response training
  • For Don, Dustin, and Dylan Ha as they deal with the difficulties of serious water damage to their home
  • For Mosaic South Bay as it takes root and grows
  • Carolyn Shepard for the good work of Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy in the Santa Clara County jails, for the hope they provide for those in prison

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