Prayers with the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • For the joy of having Paul and Jessie Tuan in worship
  • For the Lucille and family and friends of Bob Towner who died last Tuesday
  • Kathy Gilliam for life of Bob Towner, especially for his music
  • Lynn Hunwick for the family and friends of Joanna Hodges, former missionary to Haiti, who died this past week
  • Ray Hing for the joy of being back in worship after many travels; for a blessed Thanksgiving with family; for their daughter, Colleen, who is 7 months into a difficult pregnancy
  • Chip Clark for the fundraising activity for the Movember Foundation several of our men are participating in this November for men’s health
  • Pastor Rick for his sister, Charlotte Lanier, in Boise, ID, who is recovering from successful surgery to remove a large, benign tumor from her brain; Thelma Parodi who is recovering at the Terraces

  • For the work of Ecumenical Hunger Project in East Palo Alto
  • For the USA in the aftermath of the recent election
  • For the people of Cuba as they mourn and hope
  • For the people of South Korea in a time of political uncertainty
  • For the shocked and grieving students, faculty and staff of Ohio State University
  • For those grieving the crash of a plane carrying a soccer team in Columbia
  • For hose affected (both sick and grieving) by the mysterious illness in Contra Costa County
  • For justice for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
  • For all those affected by the wild fires in the Smoky Mountains

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