Praying With the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • Chip Clark for the fundraising activity for the Movember Foundation several of our men are participating in this November for men’s health
  • Lynn Hunwick for Pope Francis’s visit this past week with the leaders of the Lutheran Church in Sweden; for the wtiness of Harry Rathbun who “tried to live a meaningful life;” and for the new head of the Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty, Amanda R. Tyler
  • Thelma Parodi for the joy of being part of this church family, for our ards, calls and visits; for the upcoming visit from her daughter, Lee
  • Elizabeth Ramirez for Thelma’s return to worship
  • Pastor Gregory for an awesome Halloween celebration; for the excitement of his PhD work , which includes elements of Baptist identity
  • Sachiko Berry for a smooth election; and for all poll workers
  • Dan Cudworth for healing of the divide in our nation
  • Laurie who is being treated for a staph infection
  • Pastor Rick for Thelma Parodi who is back in El Camino Hospital; for Hugh Satterlee recovering from a mild heart attack; for Eleanor Satterlee recovering from a broken hip; for Laura Garcia who is recovering from heart problems; for Sachiko Berry who fell and broke her clavicle, recovering at home after surgery
  • For the USA in the aftermath of the recent election

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