Versie & Karen: Happiness, Health And A Homecooked Meal

From Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco:

Versie and Karen on their porchAs anyone far enough from the San Francisco Bay can tell you, summer days can get hot – even those tacked onto the front of an early autumn. But sitting in the shade of Miss Versie Williams’s East Palo Alto home, you can escape the heat and allow your mind to wander to more important things.

Like, for example, your stomach.

“Every morning, she invents a new breakfast,” explains Versie’s oldest daughter, Karen. “My favorite is the grits with shrimp and chicken and jalapeno peppers….From the time she wakes up, she always in the kitchen. She’s a kitchen person.”

Being a ‘kitchen person’ is just one of the reasons Versie and her daughter decided to reach out to Habitat. After over 50 years of well-worn usage, the linoleum lining the kitchen floor was starting to come up, and Karen was worried.

“It had gotten old,” Karen says. “It had a couple spots that were torn I was afraid she was gonna trip on.”

And the floor was not the least of their worries – both Versie and Karen had recently gotten news from their doctor that they were not getting enough vitamin D. Staring down a daily regimen of several thousands of milligrams of vitamin D supplements, Karen decided something had to change.

“I said, ‘Mom, we gotta do something. We can’t take pills just because we’re not getting enough sunshine.”

They had already seen home repair work being done by Habitat crews in their neighborhood, so Karen took it upon herself to apply. Soon after, Habitat crews swung by the home to tear up and replace a porch that had been decimated by earlier additions on the old home. Suddenly, what had been inconvenient and even dangerous for Versie, who suffers from Parkinson’s, was well within reach.

“I guess I wasn’t getting outside enough,” says Versie, whose disease made it difficult for her to leave the house. Now she’s able to sit on her porch for her daily dose of sunshine. “I come out here almost every day the weather permits. And we have pretty nice weather.”

Read more at Habitat for Humanity

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