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Something in the Water: Privilege and Poison in Flint Michigan

pollutionBy Rev. Erin Wathen

It must be something in the water, they say… When a common trend takes hold of a community. Like a bunch of women in the same church get pregnant at the same time; or an extended family has a big  wave of weddings in one summer; or a bunch of houses in the neighborhood go on the market at the same time.

Or when all the kids in a single town suddenly turn up with lead poisoning.

Except in the instance of a small town in Michigan, it is not proverbial. It is no folksy appellation. It is a real life iteration of what happens when something really does taint the water supply, affecting an entire community. There is for sure something in the water in the town of Flint, and it’s not a baby boom or the love bug, or any of those other cutesy things that take hold of groups of people from time to time. It is cloudy; it is dirty; it is poison. And somebody, somewhere knew about it and did nothing.

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