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An Epistle of Metanoia (ABC/USA)

The Mission Summit in Kansas City was a great event. If you get a chance to read Dr. Amy Butler’s keynote sermon, please do so. Riveting stuff.

Read it here:

 In the wake of the murders in Charleston, many people are again claiming that even in the twenty first century our churches remain the most segregated communities in society. That may still, sadly, be true. But that’s not our legacy and it is not our witness. Our denomination is the most diverse Protestant denomination in America. We have been modeling this kind of messy, beautiful, beloved gospel community for decades.

As we confront our own sin and the sin of our nation, we must remember who we are and we must step forward to lead the church in repentance, in bridge building, in making beloved community a reality.”

It caused quite a stir and from that energy emerged a statement, an Epistle of Metanoia. As it stands, there is no way to present any kind of statement of concern to the body politic. The denominational leadership offered to host the statement online so that we can collect signatures between now and the next biennial meeting to demonstrate the passion behind the statement and, perhaps, find some way to influence denominational activity around it.

Please, take the time and read this. Sign it if you feel so moved. Then share it around.

Tripp Hudgins


An Epistle of Metanoia from the 2015 Mission Summit to the ABCUSA family

During the Biennial Mission Summit, June 26-28, 2015, the epistle below was drafted and signed by members of the American Baptist family. The President of ABCUSA, Rev. Dr. Don Ng, read this letter before preaching the closing sermon of the event.  The scope of this letter is broader than solely those who were at the Overland Park Convention Center.  All members of the ABCUSA family are invited to sign this document and commit ourselves to racial justice. View the online list of signatures:


An Epistle of Metanoia from the 2015 Mission Summit to the ABCUSA family

In light of the sin of racism that has infected each and every part of our nation we, the gathered delegates and participants of the 2015 Mission Summit of American Baptist Churches USA, the most diverse Protestant body in our nation, grieve racism’s effects on our people. Therefore, we collectively speak against and repent of our participation in the sin of racism wherever it is found. The presence of white supremacy for too long has gone unacknowledged and prevented us from living as the body of Christ.

Between now and the 2017 Mission Summit we urge each ABCUSA congregation to covenant in order to seek justice & reconciliation, hold one another accountable in this endeavor, and pursue local incarnated manifestations of the Beloved Community.

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We are a progressive Baptist Church affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, USA. We have been in Palo Alto since 1893. We celebrate our Baptist heritage. We affirm the historic Baptist tenets of: Bible Freedom, Soul Freedom, Church Freedom, Religious Freedom

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