Farewell to “big sister”

easter2015-panelIt’s a hard day in this season of resurrection to have to face the death of my older sister this morning. Joan was almost five years older than I. All my life she was my “big sister.” It will be strange to no longer have an older sibling to call on. Thank you for all your prayers and concern during her long illness. Now I ask your continued prayers as we mourn, especially for her daughter, Cathi, my nephews, Kyle and Shawn and my younger sister, Charlotte, for whom Joan was “best friend. Remember my also my 96 year mother who has outlived two husbands, two children and a grandson.

Thanks to everyone who made Easter Sunday so wonderful, including thanks to God for the rain (and that it held off till after the Egg Hunt.) Thanks to Jan for arranging, preparing, conducting and playing so much good music; to friends from the Choral Project who helped augment the choir; to Clara and Daniel Ramirez and Dona Smith-Powers for extra musical support on clarinet, saxophone and piano; to Sook Kim and Carolyn Shepard for flower duty, including lilies and flower cross; to Eleanor Satterlee and all her crew – Hugh Satterlee, Laurie Cudworth, Sachiko Berry, Thelma Tuttle, Jane Chin, Carolyn Shepard, Sook Kim, Alan Plessinger and Chip Clark for the beautiful brunch; and to Chip Clark for everything else he does as well.

Sunday we will continue to consider the “global uprising” brought on by Easter. This week’s text is the very familiar twentieth chapter of John, including Jesus post-resurrection appearances to the disciples and the tale of “doubting Thomas.” “Peace with you” is Jesus’ refrain as he seeks to comfort his rattled followers and then encourage them to get on with the business of bringing to life God’s Beloved Community. To help them along the way, he breathes the Holy Spirit into them that they – and we – might have strength for the journey.

In Adult Spiritual Formation we will take some time to consider what lies ahead for us after the celebration dies down and daily life in the here and now stretches before us.

Please be here at 10:00 AM on Sunday for worship and Sunday School and stay for Adult Spiritual Formation. What better time to bring others along to share in the life of our community?

May we continue to grow together as God’s people.

Pastor Rick

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We are a progressive Baptist Church affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, USA. We have been in Palo Alto since 1893. We celebrate our Baptist heritage. We affirm the historic Baptist tenets of: Bible Freedom, Soul Freedom, Church Freedom, Religious Freedom

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