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From Dan Chetti in Lebanon

Update from Dan Chetti from Lebanon

wounded Lebanese boyMany of you are anxious to know how the conflict in the region affecting us. You are, no doubt, reading news outlets and watching on T.V. the continuing violence in Syria. Lebanon was once part of Greater Syria and in many ways both nations are still connected through culture, language, religion, and familial ties. The violent conflict between the two Muslim sects, Sunni and Shia, is wrecking massive destruction of life and property. There are almost 800,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon. According to the International Red Cross and United Nations Human Rights organization, more than 98,000 people lost their lives in Syria so far, and almost 6,800 of them are children.

The picture at the right is one of a 3 year-old wounded Syrian boy receiving treatment at a medical facility in a war zone. This is most widely watched picture circulating on the web. We are told he later died; and the last words on his lips were, “I am going to tell God everything when I see him”.

Violence and suffering can be numbing, yet only the most callous and unfeeling persons can remain unmoved by the scale of human suffering.

Father God give us compassion to enter into the suffering of others; work for Peace and reconciliation where ever we are.

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